The Thrill of the exceptional

Rules, constraints, restrictions - when it comes to individual freedom, it doesn't usually take long before you discover where the boundaries lie. But not with Julian Tahov design. Here your options are virtually unlimited, allowing you to create the design which precisely matches your ideal and helping you to add your own distinctive character to your interior. By creating his own character, Tahov’s design lead the client to a place where he has never been before, where he  feels  satisfied, full and inspired. By a meaningful presentation, the interior could represent the image of the investor.


See, feel, experience, enjoy.

The provocativity in Tahov’s design allows you to individual interpretation, brings inexhaustible richness of perception and development in depth. Discover the harmony of the interior, enjoy the skilful fusion of form and colour, of function and comfort, achieved by master play of colors, shapes, materials and exquisite details. Exclusive luxury and practical comfort: Julian Tahov design offers the best of both worlds. Possession of space, so characteristic for the author, has this characteristic spirit, eloquent expression, which did not go unnoticed. Design not just presenting itself, but also representing you.

Have the courage to get a unique personality that will distinguish / position you in people's minds. Memorable charisma.

Philosophy of luxury by Julian Tahov.

Tahov‘s projects carry across a message of beauty, uniqueness,  a different art, the purpose of which is to carry you in a world where you've never been , to feel the emotion that, you’ve never felt . According to Tahov each design is an artwork that conveys to the audience the magic of the author. There are several highlights in his work, all reflected through the prism of luxury. For Tahov luxury is much more than vanity , more than a sign of wealth and social standing. According to him, the true luxury is a lifestyle. It’s the attitude towards the world that surround us, respectively the attitude towards ourselves. Philosophy of luxury is the philosophy of life, which determines our consciousness. Higher forms of life. Dedication.