Spanning more than 11,000-square-feet and sprawled across two-stories, Night club Coliseum brings a new dimension to european nightlife with its premium location, breathtaking terraces and lavish decor. Designed by Julian Tahov, Coliseum stimulates club-goers of every caliber with two separate nightclub experiences. A one-of-a-kind ascending spiraled staircase leads guests to Coliseum’s second-floor entrance revealing an intricate interior inspired by elements of old world décor fused with modern cosmic design.
Saturated with dark shades of blue, fiery red accents and polished brass finishes, the fashion-forward design incorporates an abundance of mirrors throughout the interior leaving traces of reflections across the bar tops, ceilings, moldings and railings. Ornate chandeliers and bundles of hand-made light fixtures inspired by antique grandfather globes illuminate the nightclub, while rows of lavish VIP booths further enhance Coliseum’s modern vintage feel.