Déjà Vu

El Corazon’s prime location in downtown Sofia symbolizes the approach adopted when building the club – the location is in the heart of Bulgarian administration and culture. The designer’s task was to furnish classical and smart club by using the appropriate stylistic means of expression. This is why the interior is rich in expensive materials, such as alcantara, veneer, black gloss and elements which instilling exotics. This is how the interior designsuccessfully infuses mildness, warmth and cosiness. To achieve luxurious and elegant look, Tahov chooses glossed timber. In this case, like in yachts, the emphasis is laid on every single detail such as the more aggressive illuminated pyramids, canted with black gloss, veneered, as well as the columns’ textures, made of glossed veneer and black suede. The glass resembling, horizontally striped, elements on the wall bring in the marine association.