Globally, we work together to deliver the best solutions and advice to meet our clients’ needs anywhere in the world. Globally, we operate in 10 countries and hold leadership positions in each of our businesses, which include – design, fabrication, installation, maintenance. We have an exceptional team of employees who work hard to do the right thing for our clients every day.

Every small piece of our design in made in our factory – all the furniture, decors, accessories, walls, ceilings. We offer a really smart way of installations. All the decors, ceilings, walls are flexible and movable – so our corporate clients can share them and change theirs interiors often and relatively inexpensive. Don’t bother – we take care of everything – the export, the shipping, the installations. All that helps us to offer to our clients an amazingly short terms of implementation. After the design approval, we need a less than a month to fabricate the items and 3 weekс for the installations of a 5000 s.f. Night Club /460m2/ without the shipping time/.

We have extensive interior design experience with high-end luxury interior design, and this experience and expertise has allowed us to develop and cultivate a close working relationship with the finest of resources and craftsmen, which is integral to our luxury design, producing finest quality but within our Clients’ budgets (construction and custom furnishings).